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Warren Services HER 

Heat Exchanger Remanufacturing


An innovative, proven, patented service to remanufacture heatexchangers.

Hard water can dramatically reduce the efficiency and shorten the service-life of stainless steel plate heatexchangers found in modern, combination boilers.

Calcium build-up gradually reduces water temperature and simultaneously increases energy input, costing the end user more for water that isn’t adequately heated.

In the past, replacing plate heatexchangers has meant throwing away the old, blocked plate, replacing it with a new part. The plates that are removed are discarded, irrespective of age or usage.

We employ a patented HER process to chemically unblock and de-scale heat-exchanger plates, extending dramatically their service-life and avoiding the cost of installing an expensive replacement. As part of the HER process, blocked plates are fully-flushed in Warren's patented, multistage process, before being cleaned, tested, serial numbered, and re-packaged, ready to be carried by plumbing engineers as spare part inventory.

A remanufactured heatexchanger plate – guaranteed and as good as a new part, increases the efficiency of a combination boiler and reduces running costs.

For plumbing engineers and plumbing service companies, fitting a plate heat-exchanger remanufactured by us can add profit margin without compromising part quality or life expectancy.

Just like remanufactured fans and circuit boards – already carried by service engineers, and stocked by plumbing contractors, a remanufactured plate heat-exchanger may only cost half that of a new replacement.

Fitting remanufactured heatexchangers is more environmentally friendly than disposing of parts before they reach the end of their servicelife. Environmentally conscious end users will often prefer a refurbished part, rather than replace it with a new one.