Bury St. Edmunds Rickshaws

Richard and Sharon have lived in Bury for many years now and have often seen people being driven around on Rickshaws. They are really a big tricycle capable of carrying two people, ridden by a volunteer.

Recently there was an appeal to sponsor one in the Bury Free Press. Up until recently “Hughes” the electrical retailer had been the sponsor for “Cary”. Richard looked into this some more and once he found out what they did, he agreed to take over the Sponsorship. In the picture, you will see our Logo on one of the Rickshaw’s (affectionally known as “Cary”) that is used purely for collecting and delivering goods, food parcels, meals, prescriptions, groceries and many other things to support those in need, with help or support. The wonderful picture of all the Rickshaws together outside the Abbey Gardens Gate tells the whole story.

This is an unbelievable organisation run by many volunteers. They now have 5 Rickshaws; one is brand new and capable of carrying a disabled person in their wheelchair. All the rides are free and generally it’s the less able who take up the opportunity, but its open to all.

Richard is now talking to a group in Thetford to see if this idea might work in the town. It’s early days but you never know…

Please take a look at the website: www.bserickshaw.org.uk to find out more.