Cailum Wilson’s Remarkable Academic Journey

In 2015,Our Founder Owner Richard Bridgman became an Honorary Fellow of UCS for his dedication to young people’s training, with a particular focus on West Suffolk College. Over the years, he has regularly attended the Graduation Ceremonies at Bury Cathedral, donning the traditional hat and gown, surrounded by graduates, their families, and friends. Richard says the atmosphere in the Cathedral has always been nothing short of incredible. Unfortunately, he had to miss this year’s ceremony as he was abroad.

This year holds a special significance for Warren Services, as Cailum Wilson, who commenced his journey as an Apprentice with us in 2016, achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first person from Warren to earn a degree. Despite Cailum leaving our team during his final year of study, his determination and perseverance led him to successfully complete the qualification. We take immense pride in Cailum’s accomplishment, a well-deserved recognition of his unwavering dedication.

The attached photo captures the moment CEO Nikos Savvas personally congratulated Cailum after the ceremony, fulfilling Richard’s request. Looking ahead, we are optimistic that we will have more reasons to celebrate during the next graduation day. Two of our current Apprentices are currently in the final year of their degree course, raising hopes for a double celebration in the near future!

A few words from Cailum:

“I joined Warren back in 2016 after finishing college. I wanted to join a degree apprenticeship program in-stead of attending university on a more traditional pathway. Through a mutual friend I got the opportunity to have a phone call/interview with Richard and Will, and they were kind enough to offer me some work experience before joining the degree apprenticeship.

“Over the next few years I got the opportunity to work in most of the departments at Warren, learning from some of the best engineers in the industry. While working I studied for my HNC/HND through West Suffolk College. After being in the workshop for 4 years I then moved into design and worked on prototyping ma-chines for various customers and studied for the last leg of my degree. In the last year I moved on to Mar-shalls ADG as a Systems Development Engineer. I can’t thank enough everyone at Warren for putting up with me during my apprenticeship and teaching me vital industry knowledge, including to check what fuel you are putting in the company truck!”