Allen Towler’s Retirement

Allen Towler retires, after 23 years service.

Allen started with us back in the Old School at Feltwell. Allen is traditionally a turner; mostly manual, but he moved over to CNC on the small Haas machine later. It’s only at times like this that you reflect on the past.

Founder and Owner of Warren, Richard Bridgen said, “After we started doing the winch drums, they were getting bigger and bigger in diameter, as well as longer. I can remember taking Allen to a machine tool dealer in Newmarket, to look at a long bed lathe that we bought. Once installed, that was the beginning of our journey into the really big drums.

“I can still see Allen wearing a pair of metal studded gauntlets (a bit like chainmail) pulling the swarf away in long lengths when scrolling the grooves; this was highly dangerous work.

“To mark Allen’s retirement after 23 years, Sharon and I wanted to take him and his wife Val out for a meal. As Squeak is a good friend of Alan’s we invited him as well. After a lot of thought, we all decided on Valley Connection an Indian restaurant in Bury. Alan does a bit of Indian cooking so he knows all the spices and dishes. I agreed to act as chauffeur so they could all have a drink. The food was wonderful and was enjoyed by all. We had a good chat about the old days and how Warren has changed over the years. It’s always great to get together and reflect on the past. Currently, Allen was still working through his job list. I suggested he might need to get back to his fishing. After leaving the restaurant, we all enjoyed a walk around the town, as it was such a lovely warm evening.

“Everyone at Warren wishes Allen well and here is a very personal ‘thank you’ from Sharon and I, for those 23 years (what a journey!).”

Allen Towler retired from Warren on Friday 19th May. We wish him all the best for his retirement.

End of an era

Way back in 1990, when Richard and Sharon started Warren in the Old School at Feltwell, they were joined by three guys who had worked for Richard in Brandon – Paul Green (Squeak), Paul Tuffs (Tuffy) and Ray Underhill. Tuffy worked with us until 1993, when he left to go and work at Chase Plastics.

Reunion, with Ray (far left)

This Christmas, Ray Retired to spend more time with his wife and do some travelling. Ray is quite a character and a well respected engineer. He gets those milling jobs that are hard to clamp down, hold and machine. He’s most happy working on a Bridgeport rather than a CNC. Throughout the years working with us, Ray has worked in all areas of the business and at both sites. He will be sorely missed by those in the Milling section, especially by some of the young lads who he has helped nurture through the years.

Ray is certainly a one-off and has helped make and shape what Warren is today. Squeak is now the only one left holding the baton of the original employees along with Richard and Sharon. We all wish you well in your much earned retirement Ray.