Celebrating a Decade of Dedication: Nick Claydon’s Journey at Warren Services

In the fast-paced world of engineering and manufacturing, milestones often go unnoticed amid the daily hustle of innovation and production. However, when an individual’s contributions significantly shape a company’s journey, it’s important to pause and celebrate. Today, we honour Nick Claydon, who has dedicated ten years of service to Warren Services.

Nick’s journey with Warren Services began a decade ago when he joined as an apprentice in the newly formed Automation and Controls Department. Fresh from West Suffolk College with an HND in Electrical Engineering, Nick dove headfirst into the world of automation, bringing fresh perspectives and eager enthusiasm.

From the outset, Nick’s work demonstrated exceptional quality. His very first controls panel was a testament to his meticulous nature and commitment to excellence. Over the years, this high standard has been the hallmark of all his projects, earning him a reputation for reliability and precision.

Throughout his career at Warren Services, Nick has contributed to a wide array of projects spanning various industries. His versatility is evident from his involvement in sectors ranging from the print industry to the stage industry. Two projects highlight the breadth of his expertise: the innovative PaveGen project and the complex swimming pool moving floor project.


The PaveGen project, renowned for its sustainability focus, involves generating electricity from footsteps. Nick’s work on this project showed his ability to merge cutting-edge technology with practical engineering solutions. Similarly, the swimming pool moving floor project displayed his capacity to tackle unconventional challenges, ensuring the seamless integration of advanced controls in dynamic environments.

Beyond his technical skills, Nick is known for his positive attitude and resilience under pressure. These qualities have made him an invaluable team member. His ability to remain calm and resourceful during challenges has earned him accolades from both colleagues and customers.

Customers frequently commend Nick for his approachability and expertise.

As Nick celebrates this significant milestone, he steps into a new role as the Technical Department Supervisor. In this capacity, he is now responsible for guiding the next generation of apprentices and team members. His transition into this leadership role is a natural progression, reflecting his understanding of the company’s operations and his ability to inspire and lead others.

As we celebrate Nick’s ten years at Warren Services, we extend our gratitude for his unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions. Nick, thank you for the first ten years. Your efforts have not only shaped the success of our projects but have also set a standard for excellence that inspires us all. We look forward to the next decade.