Community Champion – Royal Norfolk Show

We want to give a huge congratulations to Will for being recognised as a Community Champion at a special evening event held at the Royal Norfolk Show. This event was an opportunity for Norfolk to show appreciation to individuals making significant contributions to their community or charitable organisations. The tribute directly aligns with His Majesty the King’s vision of fostering community cohesion and promoting volunteerism.

The event itself was quite entertaining, with an evening ceremony that Will described as slightly embarrassing, as they were asked to parade around a field while wearing a vibrant pink sash. Fortunately, Will had the pleasure of being joined by a group of friendly faces who were also being recognised. One being Scott Stones (from Waites & Stones), who was acknowledged for his tremendous efforts in delivering essential supplies to Ukraine.

Well done, Will, and to all the other individuals. Your dedication and hard work truly make a difference in our community. Keep up the excellent work!

Warren's Managing Director, Will Bridgman and Scott Stones from Waites & Stones

Will Bridgman, our Managing Director and Scott Stones from Waites & Stones