Craig Birch – Celebrating 20 Years of Dedication (and Love!) at Warren

In a remarkable journey that spans two decades, we take a moment to write about Craig Birch, an integral part of our team at Warren. This month marks his 20th anniversary with us, a milestone that reflects his unwavering commitment and passion for his craft.

Craig’s story with Warren began straight out of school at the Old School Feltwell. It was his father who initiated this journey, approaching us with a simple question: Was there a place for his son in our team? And that single enquiry set the wheels in motion for what would be a remarkable tenure. Guided by Squeak, and buoyed by the support of Dave Banwell, Craig embarked on his path, learning the art of turning. His educational foundation took shape through an apprenticeship at West Suffolk College, where practical skills intertwined with theoretical knowledge.

Though not one to be buried in paperwork, Craig found his balance with Sophie’s assistance, triumphing over the academic aspects of his college work. As they say, the rest became history – a history adorned with achievements, growth, and a little touch of romance.

Love often finds its way into unexpected corners of life, and for Craig, it blossomed right here at Warren. Collaborating closely with Suzie on a Business Improvement course kindled a connection that transcended the confines of the workplace. Over time, this connection deepened and flourished, culminating in a joyous wedding celebration. Both Craig and Suzie became an integral part of our Warren family, contributing their skills and dedication to our shared journey.

While life sometimes takes us on divergent paths, it’s heartening to share that Suzie, after a stint with another company, has rejoined our team at Brickfields. Her return brings a renewed sense of camaraderie and shared purpose to our community.

As a machinist, Craig might not always be the tidiest, but his work ethic, unswerving dedication, and commitment to quality are second to none. His workspace consists of his own cell, housing an array of machines including the two Citizen sliding head machines and the new Haas ST25. These machines hum with productivity, guided by Craig’s expert touch. And thanks to his proficiency, even when customer demand is high, they occasionally run autonomously thanks to the bar feed system.

Beyond his technical skills, Craig’s benevolent spirit shines through. Always eager to impart his knowledge and lend a helping hand to newcomers and colleagues alike, he personifies the essence of a team player.

Away from the workshop, Craig and Suzie’s shared love for rock music and their bohemian spirit come to life. They seize weekends for spontaneous adventures in their trusty van, embracing the freedom to explore and make memories.

Their passion extends to gastronomy as well, both being avid food enthusiasts. Suzie, in particular, has found a new avenue for her talents – crafting delectable baked goods that have garnered praise far and wide. Her cakes, a testament to her culinary artistry, never fail to amaze!

In celebrating Craig’s 20 years of service, we also celebrate the human connections that enrich our workplace. His journey symbolises the harmony between dedication and love, between mastering the art of machining and crafting a life filled with shared experiences. As we toast to the past two decades, we eagerly anticipate the chapters yet to be written in the story of Craig Birch and Warren.