Danny Goodman – 10 Year Anniversary

Here’s a big shoutout to Danny Goodman, for reaching an incredible milestone of 10 years of dedicated service! Danny has been a rockstar over the past decade, consistently demonstrating a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement. We’re thrilled to announce that he has recently taken on the role of leading our Quality department, in addition to heading up our Turning department.

Danny’s journey with us began on what was the old night shift, working from 6pm until 6am on a 4-on-4-off pattern as a skilled machinist. It didn’t take long for his exceptional problem-solving and people skills to shine through, earning him a promotion to shift manager and later to running the day shift turning department.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Danny for his unwavering loyalty throughout the years. We eagerly anticipate celebrating many more milestones and achievements together in the future. And who knows, if you’re lucky enough Danny, we might buy you a pint down the pub to celebrate – which will be an achievement itself! Cheers, Danny!

Danny Goodman with Lee Charlton, our Operations Director