Illuminating Our History: D-Day 80 Beacon Lighting

Warren is honoured to commemorate D-Day, the largest combined naval, air, and land operation in history, with a beacon lighting ceremony on June 6th at 9:15 PM. 

As you may remember the beacon was crafted by our talented apprentice, Jed, who also had the honour of lighting it. His contribution not only demonstrated his skills but has also served to strengthen our ties with the community.

We are excited to announce a partnership with Thetford Council to create a smaller version of the beacon for Thetford marketplace that will also be lit on the night, allowing even more community members to participate in this significant occasion, bringing together innovation, history, and communal spirit. 

We invite all employees, community members, and enthusiasts to join us at the roundabout on June 6th to witness this spectacular beacon lighting as we pay tribute to our collective past and embrace the exciting opportunities ahead.