Roy recently retired in late 2022

Roy is one of the real oldies, he started with us at the old School in Feltwell in 1994. As far as I can remember, he has only ever worked on milling machines for us. That might be the case but Roy has always been up for a challenge and nothing really fazes him. To this day, he has only worked on the smaller sized mills, originally manual and later the small toolroom type from Haas.

He has undertaken some of the longest jobs we have ever done, lots of times we have had to move his mill around so the long jobs can go along the gangway.

Many of the milling staff supported Roy in coming to grips with the CNC programming and in turn, Roy has supported and helped many apprentices over the years with his experience.

He is quite a character and will be missed by everyone who has worked with him. Roy has been wholly reliable – his attention to detail, work rate and attendance is exemplary.

All of us will miss him but we hope he enjoys retirement with his wife Carol, whom we have gotten to know over the years.

So Roy, you’ll have lots more opportunities for walking with Carol and the dog now. Do drop back in sometime to say hello.