Social Saturday: A Night of Fun and Camaraderie

At Warren Services, we believe that building strong team bonds is (almost!) as important as our engineering and manufacturing projects. This belief was in full swing on Saturday, 8th June, during our latest social night out in Norwich.

Thirteen of us gathered at the Riverside in Norwich for an evening of drinks and crazy golf. The night kicked off with everyone eager to showcase their golfing skills—or at least try to! The friendly competition soon took a hilarious turn, and by the 10th hole, the game had become more about fun than finding a winner.

Laughter, conversations, and perhaps a few too many drinks defined the evening. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to relax, unwind, and strengthen the personal connections that contribute to our collaborative work environment.

Our next social night out is on Saturday, 7th September. We look forward to another evening of laughing, games, and great company. Here’s to more memorable nights with the Warren Services family!