West Suffolk Gala Evening

On October 13th, Richard Bridgman, our Founder Owner had the honour of being invited by Cliff Waterman, the new leader of West Suffolk Council, to join his table as a guest at the prestigious West Suffolk Gala Evening held at the Apex. The invitation was extended in recognition of Richard’s role as the Chair of the West Suffolk Manufacturing Club. This event is a highlight in the calendar, shining a spotlight on individuals and companies that have demonstrated exceptional achievements throughout the past year.

The evening was nothing short of fantastic, featuring exquisite food and entertainment that set the stage for the much-anticipated awards ceremony. Richard’s table engaged in valuable networking opportunities around his table and beyond. The awards were hosted and presented by Becky Jago, one of the main presenters of ITV Anglia News, as shown in the photo.

Adding to the excitement, a noteworthy achievement unfolded as our valued customer Portable Space, which is run by Mark Dolman, clinched the prestigious Business of the Year Award. Interestingly, Richard had the privilege of visiting their premises earlier that day for a meeting with Mark, making the victory all the more meaningful.