Will’s Trip to India

In June, our MD Will embarked on an exciting adventure, travelling all the way to India to visit our machine partners at Suba Solutions. The journey was quite a long one, spanning nearly 24 hours in total. Will’s journey began at London Heathrow, then took him to Abu Dhabi before reaching Delhi. From there, he hopped on another 3-hour flight to his final destination in Coimbatore.

The purpose of this extensive trip was to address any challenges when machines arrive at our factory. As we aim to increase the number of machines coming from India, it was crucial for Will to ensure they meet our desired quality standards. He also examined the supply chain for the machine parts and discussed any problem-solving strategies that may be required.

To streamline the process, Warren has agreed to work on the software of the machines arriving from India. This will ensure that the software matches the same high standard as our other machine builds. We will also provide ongoing support for any software issues once the machines are sold. Will reported that the trip was fantastic for strengthening our relationship with Suba. It was his first time visiting India, and he couldn’t help but be amazed by the country’s beauty, the incredible food and the friendliness of the locals.

Will also mentioned that he was relieved he didn’t have to navigate the roads himself, as India has various modes of transport and it could be quite challenging to drive without prior knowledge of the area. Overall, it was an incredibly beneficial visit, strengthening our partnership and paving the way for future success.

Here are multiple photos from Will’s remarkable trip…