Cailum Wilson’s Remarkable Academic Journey

In 2015,Our Founder Owner Richard Bridgman became an Honorary Fellow of UCS for his dedication to young people’s training, with a particular focus on West Suffolk College. Over the years, he has regularly attended the Graduation Ceremonies at Bury Cathedral, donning the traditional hat and gown, surrounded by graduates, their families, and friends. Richard says the atmosphere in the Cathedral has always been nothing short of incredible. Unfortunately, he had to miss this year’s ceremony as he was abroad.

This year holds a special significance for Warren Services, as Cailum Wilson, who commenced his journey as an Apprentice with us in 2016, achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first person from Warren to earn a degree. Despite Cailum leaving our team during his final year of study, his determination and perseverance led him to successfully complete the qualification. We take immense pride in Cailum’s accomplishment, a well-deserved recognition of his unwavering dedication.

The attached photo captures the moment CEO Nikos Savvas personally congratulated Cailum after the ceremony, fulfilling Richard’s request. Looking ahead, we are optimistic that we will have more reasons to celebrate during the next graduation day. Two of our current Apprentices are currently in the final year of their degree course, raising hopes for a double celebration in the near future!

A few words from Cailum:

“I joined Warren back in 2016 after finishing college. I wanted to join a degree apprenticeship program in-stead of attending university on a more traditional pathway. Through a mutual friend I got the opportunity to have a phone call/interview with Richard and Will, and they were kind enough to offer me some work experience before joining the degree apprenticeship.

“Over the next few years I got the opportunity to work in most of the departments at Warren, learning from some of the best engineers in the industry. While working I studied for my HNC/HND through West Suffolk College. After being in the workshop for 4 years I then moved into design and worked on prototyping ma-chines for various customers and studied for the last leg of my degree. In the last year I moved on to Mar-shalls ADG as a Systems Development Engineer. I can’t thank enough everyone at Warren for putting up with me during my apprenticeship and teaching me vital industry knowledge, including to check what fuel you are putting in the company truck!”

Chairman of Norfolk County Council Tours Warren

On Tuesday 3rd October, Warren had the privilege of hosting a visit from Counsellor Barry Stone, the Chairman of Norfolk County Council.

Barry’s purpose for the visit was to engage in a discussion about apprenticeships and to have a tour of our facilities at Fison and Brickfields Way.

Counsellor Barry is committed to ensuring that young people receive the necessary encouragement to make informed career choices beyond the age of 16. During his visit, he expressed a keen interest in this aspect of education and career development.

Barry was very impressed by the scale and cleanliness of our factories, as well as the wide diversity of work taking place within our organisation, leaving him with a positive impression of Warren’s operations.

Special Visit from Liz Truss and Dominic Johnson: Exploring Warren’s Diverse Work

On Friday 22nd September, we received a visit from Liz Truss, our local MP in Thetford, and Dominic Johnson, the Minister of State for Trade of the United Kingdom, at our Brickfields Site. They dedicated a considerable amount of time to explore our facilities and engage in conversations with many of our employees.

Both visitors expressed their astonishment at the wide range of work we undertake for our numerous customers. They showed particular interest in our Apprenticeship programme and eagerly questioned several of our apprentices about their reasons for coming to work at Warren.

Following the comprehensive factory tour, our gathering shifted to the meeting room, where Will and Jo Pearson joined us. Both were keen to gain insights into the challenges confronting the Government, particularly in relation to businesses across the nation. Dominic and Liz offered to help us in any way they can, for which we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

It’s not every day that a Member of the House of Lords shares their personal mobile number with you.

Unveiling the Truth About Apprenticeships – a Presentation at the Employer Networking Meeting

In a picturesque setting at the Refectory at Norwich Cathedral, an enlightening evening unfolded this week, at the Employer Networking Meeting, hosted by Apprenticeships Norfolk. The gathering brought together local businesses keen on exploring the world of apprenticeships.

Estee Ross, our HR Director, was invited to share her experiences along with Sophie Gray from Aviva in the realm of apprenticeships. The night was fantastic, as we delved into the many facets of apprenticeships, dispelling myths and celebrating the true value they bring to both employers and apprentices alike.

As we are an SME based in Norfolk that has hired apprentices for many years, the event was a great platform for us to shed light on apprenticeship recruitment, support, and retention – areas where we consistently strive for excellence. One of the most impactful segments of her presentation was when she debunked several persistent myths surrounding apprenticeships.

Myth: “Apprenticeships are for people who don’t do well at school.”
Estee highlighted that apprenticeships are not a refuge for academic underachievers but rather a dynamic pathway to acquire practical skills, knowledge, and qualifications.

Myth: “Apprentices are only used for cheap labour.”
This misconception was swiftly dispelled as Estee emphasised the symbiotic relationship between employers and apprentices. Apprenticeships are a strategic investment, benefiting both parties as apprentices contribute meaningfully to the workforce while honing their skills.

Myth: “Apprenticeships don’t lead to good qualifications.”
Contrary to this belief, Estee showcased how apprenticeships offer a structured framework for learning and development, culminating in valuable qualifications that enhance career prospects.

The Employer Networking Meeting was a testament to the collaborative spirit that thrives in the Norfolk business community. Through insightful discussions and shared experiences, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the pivotal role apprenticeships play in shaping a skilled and motivated workforce.

We extend our gratitude to Apprenticeships Norfolk for hosting this event and for providing a platform for open dialogue.

Attendees left the Employer Networking Meeting with a renewed commitment to fostering apprenticeships, knowing that they are a driving force behind innovation, growth, and success in the modern workforce.

Welcoming Four New Apprentices to Warren in 2023

At Warren, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of four new apprentices for the year 2023. These promising individuals will be embarking on a transformative journey in the field of engineering, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them on board.

4 new apprentices Reagit Norwich

A new beginning at Reagit training facility
Our four new starters have embarked on an educational adventure at the Reagit training facility in Norwich. This brand new institution is building a reputation for nurturing and developing young talent in various technical fields, making it the ideal place for these aspiring young people to kickstart their careers.

new welding apprentices Reagit Norwich

Level 2 General Welding Apprenticeships
All four of our apprentices have chosen to specialise in Level 2 welding. Welding is a critical skill in the world of engineering, and we are confident that these individuals will not only excel but also contribute significantly to the industry’s advancement.

Welding, often referred to as the “art of joining metals,” requires precision, skill, and a keen eye for detail. It plays a pivotal role in constructing everything from infrastructure to machinery, and our apprentices are set to become the craftsmen and craftswomen behind these essential creations.

A warm welcome to our new team members
Warren takes great pride in fostering young talent and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive. We believe in the power of education and hands-on experience to shape the engineers of tomorrow.

To our four new apprentices, we extend our warmest welcome. Your journey with us is not just an opportunity for personal growth but also a chance to contribute to the exciting field of engineering. We have no doubt that you will excel and become integral members of our team.

Wishing them a bright future
As our new apprentices begin their studies and practical training, we want to wish them all the best for their future endeavours. The path ahead may be challenging, but it’s also filled with incredible opportunities for learning, innovation, and personal growth.

At Warren, we are committed to supporting our apprentices every step of the way. We look forward to seeing them grow, develop, and ultimately, leave their mark on the world of engineering.

Welcome to Warren, and here’s to a bright and successful future!

Warren 4 new apprentices welding